Project Description

Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant – Irvine, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation engineering services for this $10M wastewater treatment plant improvements project, which replaces all plant processes.

The electrical design includes a new 2,000A service and 750 KW standby diesel generator. The control system is designed to prevent inadvertent connection non-critical equipment during generator operation. Controls include variable frequency drives throughout the plant for energy efficiency and maximum control. An air terminal system is provided throughout the plant, and surge protection devices are included at all levels within the power system, and for all signal wiring and instrumentation.

HVAC design provides ventilation as required to reduce hazardous area classifications, and for operator safety. HVAC is provided for all new facilities, including ventilation as required for the new indoor generator. Split system cooling is provided for office areas, and for electrical rooms which contain heat-producing variable frequency drives.

The plant includes a supervisory control and data acquisition system throughout the entire plant, and at remote pump stations. The system is networked using a redundant fiber optic highway, which connects seven programmable logic controllers, as well as power monitoring equipment, over an Ethernet network. Radio telemetry communicates to several remote pump stations. The system is designed with local touch-screen human machine interface at each PLC for operator access, as well as a central HMI workstation. The system is designed for automatic generation of reports and equipment maintenance tracking and asset management.

Security provisions include closed circuit video monitoring throughout the plant, networked with the plant SCADA system.