Project Description

Phase II Flood Recovery WWTP – Morehead, Kentucky

In May, 2010, Rowan County Kentucky experienced severe flooding which far surpassed the 100 year flood level. The wastewater treatment plant was hit severely, with the operators on staff being rescued from the roof by boat.

The plant, which was upgraded in 2004-2005, was devastated by the flood. Influent and effluent pumps were completely submerged for days, as were other process pumps, mixers, instruments and controls. The main plant switchgear (4,160V), transformers, motor control centers, PLC panels, experience water depths to 3-4 feet. Blowers and other process equipment, as well as the generator, which were installed at higher elevations, were partially submerged. Floodwaters exceeded the walls of aeration basins and clarifiers. UV equipment and controls were completely submerged.

Ms. Howlett arrived at the site the day after receiving the news of the event, and assisted immediately with the preparation of a damage assessment report, which included a narrative of the situation, photos, and preliminary cost estimates. We assisted however possible by calling contractors and vendors, reviewing proposals, and working with the operators to establish priorities. Phase I of the recovery focused on getting power restored to the plant, and bringing critical equipment on line as quickly as possible.

Phase II efforts began, which includes the remaining work to restore the plant to original condition. This phase of the project was required to be advertised and publicly bid. Magna’s efforts included electrical, controls, instrumentation, and HVAC portions of the project during this phase, which is a majority of the construction.

The project team has worked diligently with FEMA and Kentucky Division of Water during the Phase I and Phase II efforts.