Project Description

Route 4 Pump Station Improvements – Fairfield, Ohio

This $200,000 project includes the replacement of existing power distribution equipment and controls at an existing water booster pump station, as well as the addition of a standby diesel generator.

The existing pump station includes two horizontal pumps with 75 horsepower motors, and one horizontal pump with 40 horsepower motor, inside a pump station building. The station includes an existing programmable logic controller and telemetry system for communication to the water treatment plant.

A new main service is sized for future upgrade to 100 horsepower motors for the large pumps. The new service will enter a service entrance rated automatic transfer switch. Existing starters will be replaced with variable frequency drives for the large pumps and solid state reduced voltage type for the small pump. Connection to existing PLC and telemetry equipment will be provided as well. The station will include a new 150 KW standby diesel generator with sub-base fuel tank and sound attenuated enclosure.

The sequence of construction was carefully written such that the station will experience essentially no down time during the course of construction. In addition, the project includes new paving, fencing, and landscaping for the site.