Project Description

Otter Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – Richmond, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical and instrumentation engineering services for this new wastewater treatment plant.

The electrical design includes a split bus power system, and 1,500 KW diesel generator. The power system includes monitoring equipment at key levels within the system, and information is networked over the SCADA system, and accessed through an operator workstation in the administration building. Variable frequency drives are utilized for pumping and aeration for maximum energy savings.

Plant instrumentation system utilizes magnetic flow meters for effluent and RAS flows, non-contact radar level system in conjunction with palmer-bowlus flume for influent flow, submersible pressure transducers for wetwell levels, and dissolved oxygen monitoring system at oxidation ditches.

The project includes a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system throughout the entire plant. The system is networked using a redundant fiber optic highway, which connects eleven programmable logic controllers, as well as power monitoring equipment, over an Ethernet network. Human-machine interface provides operator access for manual and automatic controls and setpoints, as well as monitoring of plant parameters and key data. The system is designed for automatic generation of reports, and equipment maintenance tracking and asset management. Radio communications is provided for connection with remote sites.

The plant includes full security system, including a CCTV system which is networked over a fiber optic highway, with operator access and recording from a workstation located at the administration building.