Project Description

Electrical and Basin Improvements Taylor Mill Water Treatment Plant Taylor Mill, Kentucky

The overall project includes structural improvements to the existing sedimentation basins and replacement of tube settlers, replacement of high service pumps, motors, and valves, and new motor controls for high service pumps.

The existing plant is primary metered at 69 KV, with an on-site substation which steps the voltage to 2,400 for high service pump operation, with additional transformers around the plant to serve remaining loads. The existing filter building will be upgraded with a new 2,400V motor control center, to house new high service pump starters, as well as additional switches to feed variable frequency drives and for existing loads. Existing full-voltage high service pump starters, which range in size from 400 horsepower to 1,200 horsepower, will be replaced with solid-state, reduced voltage type for four pumps, and variable frequency drives for two pumps. New controls will interface with pump control valves. New power and control wiring is provided from the new MCC to existing high service pump motors and field devices.

Fused switches are provided to back-feed three existing transformers throughout the plant, with provisions for re-connecting existing feeders. The project was carefully designed to allow the plant to remain in service during construction.

High service pump controls are coordinated with the existing plant SCADA system. Engineering services include re-programming of the existing ControlLogix PLC and Wonderware human-machine interface software.

To accommodate the new electrical equipment, a new room will be created in the upper level of the filter building. The space will be conditioned as required to accommodate the heat load and temperature limitations of the new electrical equipment, using a ductless split HVAC system.

In addition, ventilation in the existing pump room will be upgraded using through-wall fans and motor operated dampers.