Project Description

High Yard Improvements Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers is serving as the prime design consultant for the replacement of the high yard substation which serves the existing treatment plant. As plant shutdown is essentially prohibited due to Division of Water requirements, the project is designed to allow the existing substation to remain in service during construction.

The plant is primary metered at 69 KV from two feeds from the electric utility. The substation is double-ended with two 12 MVA transformers which step down to 13.8 KV. A double-ended substation with main-tie-main provides distribution for facility.

The project includes replacement of 69 KV oil circuit breakers with SF6 switches, new 20 MVA substation transformers, a new 13.8 KV switchgear lineup with main-tie-main, and state-of-the-art protective relaying and metering. New isolation switches will be added just past the 69 KV metering to allow isolation of either incoming feed for maintenances purposes. In addition, staged power factor correction capacitors will be added and connected at 13.8 KV to each side of the switchgear tie, a total of 5,400 KVAR. The capacitors will bring the plant power factor up from approximately 0.7 to 0.95.

The new high yard will be constructed directly adjacent to the existing high yard. In order to accommodate the new equipment, significant site re-grading and new retaining wall will be provided. The site design also incorporates required fencing, access drives, site drainage, and site lighting.