Project Description

Muddy Fork SSO Interceptor Basin Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers is providing electrical, mechanical and instrumentation services for this new facility for the Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District.

The project includes an underground storage basin for wet weather flows. Ahead of the storage basin is a diversion control and screening chamber, and adjacent is a submersible pump station to return the flow to the system once the event has passed. The storage basin includes a system of tipping buckets as well as a spray nozzle system to wash down the basin once it has been emptied after a wet weather event.

The storage basin and wetwell are provided with mechanical ventilation and combustible gas detection for operator safety. A carbon odor control system is provided and controlled based on the storage basin level and a timing sequence.

The three return pumps are controlled by variable frequency drives, which are located in a new control building. Additional controls are provided for a dewatering pump, exhaust and odor control fans. The instrumentation design includes two open channel flowmeter and one magnetic flowmeter, as well as level measurement for the storage basin and wetwell. The level transducers as well as the downstream open channel flowmeter are used to control the return pumps after a wet weather event.

Programmable logic controllers are provided for pump station controls, screening system, and the tipping bucket system. All are networked over an Ethernet network with local operator interface terminals.

A standby generator provides full backup power for the facility.