Project Description

UV Disinfection System Replacement & SCADA System Improvements WWTP – Madisonville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical and instrumentation engineering services for design, bidding, and construction phases of this project at the existing Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The project included the complete replacement of the UV disinfection system. The replacement includes new electrical feeders to the UV power distribution centers as well as the hydraulic system center. A new UV system control panel was provided, with new Ethernet networking to the existing plant SCADA system via new fiber optic cabling connection. In addition, the UV system includes motor operated, modulating gate actuators, UV transmissivity monitoring, and level monitoring.

The project also included upgrades to the plant supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, as well as plant instrumentation. New continuous level monitoring was added to the return activated sludge pump station wetwells, to allow automatic speed control of the RAS pumps based on wetwell level. Existing RAS pump variable frequency drives were also upgraded, and networked with the plant SCADA system. Remote control capability of existing clarifiers and clarifier splitter box gate actuators was added. In addition, automatic speed control of the existing oxidation ditch aerators based on measured dissolved oxygen levels was added. These modifications, along with the addition of the UV system, requires upgrades to the existing SCADA system panels in the RAS pump station, solids processing building, and the administration building. Existing Trihedral human-machine interface software was modified as required to accommodate the upgrades.