Project Description

Flood Pump Station Electrical Evaluation – Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided engineering services for an evaluation of the electrical systems at Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer Districts’ 15 existing flood pump stations.

The existing pump stations range in size, age, condition. Many were installed in the 1950’s, and have original equipment. Some stations have been renovated, and some were constructed relatively recently. A few of the stations are combined flood and sanitary pump stations. Most of the pump stations are primary metered from Louisville Gas and Electric Company, with LMSD owning substation equipment which provides power to the flood pumps. Incoming services range in voltage from 480V to 169KV.

LMSD has a contract in place with a high voltage maintenance contractor who has performed testing of electrical equipment at each site, including switching, transformers, circuit breakers, metering, motors, and other electrical equipment. Magna’s scope of work included review of the test reports, as well as any recommendations made by the high voltage maintenance contractor. Magna also visited each site to perform visual inspections of the stations, and made additional observations.

The purpose of the project was to provide a comprehensive evaluation which includes short term and long term recommendations for electrical maintenance and/or replacements. The recommendations take into consideration not only current functionality of the equipment, but also longevity, obsolescence, serviceability, energy consumption, and code compliance. The summary was provided in a report format including narrative, estimated costs of construction, and a recommended list of priorities.