Project Description

Southwestern Parkway CSO Basin

Magna is serving as the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineer for this $75M design-build project.  The project includes a 20M gallon wet weather storage basin and 30 MGD pump station. As the facility is in the great lawn of Shawnee Park, it was designed to be completely underground with access only from one side of the control building with front exposure.  In addition, the project includes two CSO diversion structures with multiple motor operated gates, weirs, and level measurement, as well as improvements to existing gate structures.

The pump station consists of 5-110 hp submersible pumps which are controlled via active front end, low harmonic variable frequency drives.  Redundant level measurement is provided in both the basin and the wetwell and is used for pump control in conjunction with flow measurement setpoints provided from MSD’s Real Time Control System (RTC).  Flows are also measured at various locations in the existing piping system using combination level/area velocity flowmeters for gravity flow, and on pump discharge using magnetic flowmeters.  Level measurements at CSO structures are taken on either side of weir structures to allow for flow calculations.

As the basin is underground and access from above was not permitted, a system of tunnels and walkways are designed for access. Supply and exhaust fans and ductwork provides air exchanges in zoned areas of the facility.  In addition, ductless split systems operating in a lead-lag configuration.

n is provided in the control room for cooling and humidity control.

The electrical system includes a 480/277V secondary metered service, automatic transfer switch, and standby diesel generator.  The control system is PLC based with multiple remote I/O panels networked over fiber optic cabling.