Project Description

New Water Treatment Plant, Lancaster, KY

Magna is providing instrumentation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection design services for this new $10M,  3 MGD water plant and system improvements project.

The plant includes flocculation, four sand filters, clearwell and high service pump station, and chemical feed systems.  The filters include both water and air backwash and traditional filter controls.  A full plant supervisory control and acquisition system provides monitoring and automatic controls, as well as integration with the radio telmetry sytsem which provides monitoring and controls of the tanks booster stations, and raw water intake.

Improvements at the raw water include replacement of constant speed controls with variable frequency controllers.  The raw water intake pumps to an intermediate booster pump station, which is also being upgraded to replace constant speed controls with variable speed.

Electrical systems include a 1600A electrical service, variable and constant speed controls for equipment, interior and exterior LED lighting and controls, security cameras, and pre-wired communication infrastructure.

Instrumentation and control systems include flowmetering and valve controls for raw water and filter controls, level monitoring for filters, clearwell, and chemical tanks, turbidity and chlorine residual monitoring, and automatic control of all equipment, including flowpacing for chemical feed systems.

Mechanical systems include heating and ventiation for all process areas, and split system heat pumps for control building and electrical rooms.  100% sprinkler and fire alarm system is included for the chemical feed building.