Project Description

Beargrass Flood Pump Station Electrical Improvements Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers is providing electrical engineering services to perform the power system study as part of a major electrical improvements project at one of MSD’s largest flood pump stations.  The overall project includes replacement of medium and low voltage equipment, including motor controls for the existing flood pumps.  The pumps are driven by synchronous motors, including 6-3000 hp, 1-2500 hp, and 1-600 hp.

The power system study includes short circuit calculations, time device coordination evaluation, and arc flash analysis.  The study is being performed using SKM® Power Tools software.  The report will include a description of the study and information used as the basis of the calculations.  It will include a summary of findings for all three portions of the study, as well as time-device coordination curves, required relay settings, a summary of arc flash hazards, as well as all detailed calculations from the program.  In addition, Magna will furnish a copy of the power system study program, which can be used when future upgrades and modifications are made to the pump station.  Results of the short circuit calculations will be used to determine required equipment ratings.