Project Description

Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA System Upgrade – Fairfield, Ohio

Magna served on the team as the Owner’s Consulting Architect and Engineer (OCAE) for this project is being  constructed using the design-build delivery method.  Magna provided services related to plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, and communication systems services.

The Readiness Center supports the 1204th Aviation Support Battalion and Company A 1204th Aviation Support Battalion units which have an authorized strength of 402 soldiers.  The project includes a new 88,785 SF Readiness Center and the infrastructure to support the facility.  The project includes outside supporting facilities including parking for military and privately-owned vehicles, fencing, sidewalks, exterior fire protection, outside lighting, access roads, detached facility sign, wash platform, and helipad.   Physical security measures were incorporated into design including maximum feasible standoff distance from roads, parking areas, and vehicle unloading areas, berms, heavy landscaping, and bollards to prevent access when standoff distance cannot be maintained.  The project is LEED Silver self-certified.

As the OCAE for the project, Magna provided the documentation related to our disciplines for the Request for Proposals which was used to solicit design-build team proposals.  The RFP documents were prepared  by gathering project requirements, site information, applicable code data, and any other information needed to allow pricing by design-build contractors.  Magna assisted with the shortlist of the design-build teams, as well as the review of the design-build proposals and final selection.  During the design-build process, Magna closely reviewed the documents prepared by the Architect-Engineer of record for compliance with the requirements, and made recommendations during the course of the design process.  Finally, Magna was closely involved with observation throughout the construction process.