Project Description

Security System Improvements, Kentucky School for the Deaf – Danville, Kentucky

The project included various improvements related to  security throughout the campus.  Most of the work included adding cameras to the existing networked CCTV systems in Brady Hall, Middleton Hall, Kerr Hall, and Argo-McClure Hall, as well as upgrades to existing system software, networking with the campus LAN, and maintenance of existing cameras.  Ms. Howlett served as the project manager for the original campus CCTV project.  The project also included the addition of Walker Hall to the campus networked CCTV system.

The CCTV system utilizes digital video recorders which are networked using fiber optic cabling.  Both fixed and pan-tilt-zoom camera systems are used, with enclosures appropriately specified for the location.

In addition to CCTV, the project included access control for the main entry at Argo-McClure Hall, and a duress system which provides local alarms as well as dialing capabilities.