Project Description

Owensboro Riverfront Pedestrian Pier Owensboro, Kentucky

Magna is providing electrical engineering services for this project which includes the renovation of the existing riverfront pier.

The electrical design includes new lighting for the pier. The lighting design includes both pole mounted fixtures and niche mounted fixtures in pilasters around the perimeter of the pier.

The electrical design also includes provisions for connections for equipment vendors during festivals and special events. General purpose receptacles are also provided throughout for convenience.

Navigation lighting is designed in accordance with US Coast Guard requirements, and are mounted on pier and to dolphins around the pier. Fixtures are LED for extended lamp life. Solar powered units are specified to prevent the requirement for electrical connections to the pier.

The pier is designed with a cathodic protection system for corrosion protection. The electrical design includes provisions for pathways for the conductors, as well as power and control wiring for the system controls.

Routing of conduits was closely coordinated with the structural design of the pier to provide for concealment of electrical raceways and wiring.

The circuits are fed from panelboards included in the downtown development project. Since Magna is the electrical engineer for both projects, we were able to effectively coordinate the power system requirements. In addition, we were able to coordinate lighting design components for consistency.