Project Description

Interim Hydraulic Improvements Hite Creek Water Quality Treatment Center Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical engineering services for a major improvement project at the Hite Creek Water Quality Treatment Center. The improvements include modifications to the plant influent with flow metering. Additions to the plant include new grit collector, clarifier, RAS pump station, scum pump station, UV disinfection system, and plant drainage pumps station. In addition, the project includes a new chemical feed building with storage and feed equipment.

The design includes lighting, power, HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection for the new chemical feed building. The building includes 100% fire suppression and fire alarm systems.

Electrical and instrumentation modifications are designed to accommodate the added equipment, including new starters, custom control panels, instruments, and power distribution equipment. New SCADA PLC and remote I/O panels are being added. In addition, electrical improvements include the replacement of an existing unit substation with 12,470V primary and 480/277V secondary. The substation is double-ended with main-tie-main arrangement for the secondary lineup. The existing standby power generator is being upgraded with a larger, newer diesel generator which has been relocated from another facility.

Additional electrical improvements are being made around the plant, including upgrades to existing power distribution equipment, and the addition of surge protective devices at all main power distribution system locations.