Project Description

Headworks Improvements Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical and instrumentation engineering services for the replacement of the east and west headworks systems at the existing Morris Forman treatment plant.

The east headworks is designed for 200 MGD and includes four bar screens, four vortex grit removal systems and three grit classifiers. The project includes the entire replacement of the screens and classifiers, and partial replacement of the vortex grit system components. The west headworks is designed for 225 MGD and includes three bar screens and three chain and bucket grit collectors, as well as new belt and screw conveyors. Motor operated gates ahead of the facilities are being upgraded and/or replaced.

Other systems within the east and west headworks facilities including lighting, HVAC, combustible gas detection, and non-potable water system components are also being upgraded as part of the project.

The electrical and instrumentation design includes new equipment controls, PLC based supervisory control and data acquisition system panels. PLC panels furnished with the screening equipment are specified to meet Louisville MSD requirements and are networked with the plant SCADA system.

Both the east and west headworks facilities are Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and are designed according to applicable code requirements.