Project Description

Generator and SCADA System Additions at Wastewater Treatment Plant Frankfort, Kentucky

The project includes the addition of a 1,250 KW standby diesel generator with subbase fuel tank and weather enclosure at the existing wastewater treatment plant.

The existing plant is currently served by two separate underground services from independent pad mounted transformers. The two services enter double-ended switchgear with tie breaker, with mains and tie automatically controlled via programmable logic controller. The new standby generator will be added as a third source to the system, through a third main circuit breaker. The existing automatic controls will be replaced and upgraded to include the third source in the transfer scheme. The new generator will be energized and connected upon the loss of both utility sources. The generator is sized to operate only a portion of the plant equipment, but will be connected to the entire plant bus. Equipment lockouts will be provided to control the load during generator operation.

In addition, the project includes the addition of a plant-wide supervisory control and data acquisition system. The system will be PLC based, and networked over fiber optic cabling throughout the plant. Existing PLC based controls for the plant disinfection and dewatering systems will be networked with the new system. The system will provide for plant wide monitoring of all systems, as as well control for most plant operations.