Project Description

Generator Addition at Final Effluent Pump Station Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers served as the prime design consultant for the addition of a standby generator for the plant’s final effluent pump station.

The design includes a new 3,000 KW standby diesel generator, replacement of 4,160V switchgear, transfer controls, and connections to the existing plant SCADA system.  In addition, an existing unused stormwater pump station will be demolished as part of this project, and the generator will be located above the existing wetwell to remain.

The existing 4,160V switchgear currently includes a main-tie-main arrangement with two sources from the substation which serves the pump station.  The switchgear will be replaced, and a new switch will be added to provide connection to the 3,000 KW generator.  The new switches will be motor operated, and a programmable logic controller will provide automatic control of the switches.

While the generator is connected to the entire pump station power system, it is designed to operate a maximum of one of the four 2,000 horsepower pumps.  Control lockouts will be provided to prevent operation of more than one pump during generator operation.

The generator will have a double-wall, sub-base fuel tank, and weatherproof, walk-in enclosure.

The new PLC and generator control panel will be networked with the existing plant SCADA system over Ethernet/IP.