Project Description

Freys Hill Pump Station Renovation – Louisville, Kentucky

Magna Engineers provided electrical, instrumentation, and HVAC engineering services for the renovation of an existing water booster pump station. The existing station includes four pumps located in an existing building which will also be renovated as part of the project. Magna provided engineering services during design, bidding, and construction administration phases of the project.

The project included a complete replacement of the electrical system which including overhead service, automatic transfer switch, diesel generator, full voltage starters, and building power systems. The new system includes an underground service from a pad mounted transformer, new automatic transfer switch and 300 KW diesel generator, and solid state reduced voltage starters, which reduced inrush current and minimize water hammer effects. New building electrical system included energy efficient LED lighting for interior and exterior applications. A new lightning protection system was provided and coordinated with the new roof installation.

Instrumentation included new magnetic flowmeters, continuous pressure monitoring for suction and discharge, as well as a new control system with ControlLogix programmable logic controllers. The new system was designed to coordinate with the existing SCADA network. The existing PLC was utilized during construction, to monitor temporary pumps utilized during construction.

HVAC improvements included increased ventilation to reduce humidity, as well as new heating as required.