Project Description

Bluegrass Station Electric Utilities Extension – Avon, Kentucky

Magna Engineers served as the electrical engineer for the extension to Bluegrass Station’s overhead electric infrastructure. The extension was required to serve a proposed warehouse facility on Perimeter Road.

The existing system is 4,160 volts, three phase, fed from a recently installed substation. The design includes intercepting an existing overhead circuit near the substation, with the proposed route of approximately one mile extending through secure areas of the campus to and along Perimeter Road.

The design includes 795 kcmil ACSR conductors throughout. Due to the large conductor size, special consideration was required when sizing poles, crossarms, and guying. The design is for Class 3, medium loading. A 900A switch was provided at the end of the line for isolation to allow future extension without disrupting the circuit.

Roadway lighting fixtures were included at poles along Perimeter Road, fed from a pole top transformer which will also serve as temporary power for construction of the new warehouse.