Project Description

Asbury Family Life Center – Wilmore, Kentucky

Magna provided electrical and mechanical design services for this new 10,000 square foot facility for Asbury Seminary. The facility includes a multipurpose room with stage, designed to seat approximately 150 people, kitchen facilities, art room, children’s’ play area, chapel, and supporting spaces. Outdoor areas include a covered patio, pavilion, and play area with grade-mounted fountain heads.

The facility includes a geothermal heating and cooling system. Plumbing is designed to accommodate the kitchen, restrooms, outdoor play area, and limited area sprinkler system. The lighting system includes architectural recessed indoor fixtures, cove lighting, stage lighting with manual controls, and decorative lighting for the chapel. Exterior lighting is LED.

Magna also provided design services to accommodate the site utilities, including water, sanitary, electrical, and communication services, which are underground to the building.